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Aug 17th 2020: Instagram Reels services are now available!

We are proud to be the first social media growth company to provide Instagram Reels services including likes, views, saves, custom comments, and positive comments. New services are being developed and will be released soon! Stay updated by signing up to our newsletter below.

Aug 5th 2020TikTok might be banned from the United States

We are closely monitoring the situation with a possible U.S. ban for TikTok. We strongly encourage all current users to save all their uploaded content on their local device storage to ensure they will not loose access to this valuable content. At this time we are providing TikTok growth services and will update our services as needed to comply with new regulations. 

May 1st 2020Service Delivery Estimates

We've created an easy and convenient way for you to stay informed when your order should be completed. Check our top services delivery estimates here:  

Feb 20th 2020: We will beat any competitors price, 100% guaranteed.

Need a price match? We will beat any competitors price, 100% guaranteed.
Message support with the service you need to be reduced and a link to where you found it lower.

Sep 3rd 2019: YouTube Will No Longer Show Exact Subscribers

"We’re gradually rolling out abbreviated public subscriber counts throughout September.

Reminder: The change will take place across YouTube and the public YouTube Data API Service. Creators will continue to see their full subscriber counts privately in YouTube Studio and YouTube Analytics. 

We heard a lot of feedback from the community following our announcement in May and wanted to share more about why we’re making the change. Beyond creating more consistency, ​this addresses creator concerns about ​stress and ​wellbeing, specifically around tracking public subscriber counts in real time.​ ​We hope this helps all creators focus on telling their story, and​ experience less pressure​ about the numbers.

Creators and Developers also asked for more details about how the YouTube Data API Service would change, so here’s more info: 
  • Public subscriber counts accessible via the public YouTube Data API Service will be abbreviated for subscriber counts greater than 1000 subscribers.

  • For example, a channel with 123,456,789 subs will return 123 000 000 via the YouTube Data API Service
While we know not everyone will agree with this update, we hope it’s a positive step for the community, both those viewing and creating content."


July 19th 2019:

The cost of providing IG likes is expected to continue to increase due to increased foreseen difficulty from IG, we recommend all users start posting more video content as video views will remain stable for the near future.

Please be respectful, be patient, and enjoy our services while they're available.

April 13th 2019:

Need a price match? We will beat any competitors price, 100% guaranteed.
Message support with the service you need to be reduced and a link to where you found it lower.

March 31st 2019:

$5 FREE credit to all our clients here to use on UberSMM our new instant delivery platform! Message us to get your free $5 credit.

March 22nd 2019:

Story views are working perfectly now, please message our support team if you are missing any views. Email:

March 18th 2019:

Story views are being updated and we are refilling any undelivered order, please message our support team if you are missing any views. Email:

March 10th 2019:

We are proud to announce our instant delivery platform Uber Social Media and are extending a $5 free credit to all our previous clients here! Message us on the new platform with one of your order numbers and the free $5 credit will be added for you within a few hours.

February 13th 2019:

"We're aware of an issue that is causing a change in accounts follower numbers for some people right now. We’re working to resolve this as quickly as possible. ”Instagram Official

Post link from Instagram Official here:

Please allow 24-48 hours for Instagram to solve their bug, if you are still missing followers after the IG glitch is solved then send us a message and ALL orders under the refill period (that didn't drop below start count) will Be refilled!

Thank you for your patience and trusting Pay Social Media.

January 13th 2019:

Instagram Auto Story Views 10K! (NEW)

December 31st 2018:

Happy New Years! The entire team at Pay Social Media wishes you a wonderful new year filled with family, friends and exciting new opportunities. We will continue providing services today with 24/7 support.

December 21st 2018:

Instagram Auto Likes per post! (Price decreased)
Instagram Auto Views per post! (Price decreased)

December 12th 2018:

Instagram Auto Likes per post!
Instagram Auto Views per post!
Instagram Auto Comments per post!
Instagram Auto Saves per post!

December 2nd 2018:

Free IG views to all our members!

November 27th 2018:

FB Page likes price increase coming soon.

November 20th 2018:

FB Auto likes (disabled) we are working on a solution.

November 12th 2018:

New services added, prices decreased for many services.

November 5th 2018:

Google services disabled.

October 24th 2018:

VK Likes (Enabled)
VK Profile Followers (Enabled)
VK Group Followers (Enabled)

October 11th 2018:

How Instagram can make or break a restaurant by CNN:

October 2nd 2018:

Twitter Auto Likes (Enabled)
Twitter Auto Retweets (Disabled)

September 29th 2018:

We are aware of the Instagram Update that caused some drops, please send us a support message with your order number and we will refill your account if the drops are from our followers. Please note we are unable to refill orders past the 30-day refill guarantee.

September 23th 2018:

YouTube Views Country Targeted (Enabled)

September 15th 2018:

Twitch Services (Enabled)
Shazam Services (Enabled)
Pinterest Services (Enabled)

September 13th 2018:

Facebook Random Comments (Enabled)

September 12th 2018:

Price reductions on most FB & IG services
Instagram Auto Views 365 Days (Enabled)

September 5th 2018:

Facebook Video Views (Enabled)

August 30th 2018:

Instagram TV Likes (IGTV) (Enabled)

August 29th 2018: services (Disabled)
Instagram Male and Female Likes (Enabled)
Instagram Natural Pattern Likes (Enabled)
YouTube Subscribers (Enabled)

August 21st 2018:

Instagram Auto Comments Subscription (Enabled)
All services are working properly

August 20th 2018:

Website Traffic (Country Targeted) (Enabled)
Website Traffic (Website Source Targeted) (Enabled)

August 14th 2018:

FREE Instagram Views (max 50 per post)
FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)
Service reviews now enabled


August 11th 2018:

FREE Instagram Views (max 50 per post)
FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)


August 10th 2018:

Instagram Real Followers are HERE!
Choose men, women or mixed followers

August 8th 2018:

Instagram Real Followers are HERE!
Twitter Country Targeted Followers (Coming Soon) 
FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)


August 7th 2018:

Instagram Targeted Likes 100 & 250 Quantity (Enabled)
FB Page Likes Higher Quality (Enabled)
ALL Services (Enabled)


August 1st 2018:

FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)
Instagram Followers Per Minute (Disabled)


July 31st 2018:

FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)
YouTube Views (Enabled)
All Services Online!


July 25th 2018:

FREE Instagram Likes (max 50 per post)
Instagram Likes Male or Female (Coming soon)
YouTube Views (Coming back soon)
YouTube Likes (Enabled)


July 20th 2018:

Facebook Event Services (Enabled)
Instagram Followers Per Minute (Enabled)
Instagram Likes Per Minute (Enabled)
YouTube Views (Coming back soon)
YouTube Likes (Coming online within 24 hours)


July 19th 2018:

Tumblr Likes (Enabled)
Tumblr Followers (Enabled)
YouTube Subscribers (Enabled)


July 17th 2018:

Facebook Post Likes (Enabled)
Instagram Likes (China) (Enabled)
Instagram Likes (Japan) (Enabled)


July 15th 2018:

Facebook Post Likes (Disabled)
Facebook Profile Follows (Enabled)
Spotify Artist Follows (Enabled)


July 13th 2018:

YouTube Views (Disabled)
YouTube Likes (Disabled)
YouTube Subscribers (Disabled)
Country Specific FB Post Likes (Disabled)


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